004 Listener Mailbag and Fanny Packs Full of Snacks

The guys celebrate the first month of the Shooters Nation Podcast and spend time reading and answering questions from the Listener Mailbag.  Topics include:  Active Shooter Situations, Date Night At The Shooting Range, Training On A Budget, and Using Fanny Packs for Snacks (and Concealed Carry).

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003 School Anti-Gun Walkouts and Every Day Carry

David and Mark chat with their friends and fellow shooters, Brad and Jordan, about what it means to each of them to be an average armed American Citizen.  They discuss why they started carrying a handgun for their self defense, what kind of gun they carry, and how often they carry.

The guys also talk about the Wednesday, March 14th anti-gun protest “Walk Outs” in schools around America.  Is it really an effective form of protest if you can't articulate what your stance on the issue is?  And can you really claim it's spontaneous grass roots activism lead by our kids when significant money and resources are being pumped into it by the usual suspects?

Of interest, an article that David mentions briefly in this episode while talking about following the trail of money can be found here:


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002 Special Guest Ian Strimbeck of Runenation LLC

David, Mark and Dennis interview special guest and self-defense trainer Ian Strimbeck of Runenation LLC.  In this episode we talk about picking  the right handgun for carry, how every situation isn't always a problem for guns, what it means to be a multi-disciplinary tactician, and why you should seek to learn a variety of life-saving skills as an armed citizen.

Ian not only shares a ton of knowledge with us, but also answers several listener questions! 

Also in this episode: Mark tells us about the time he and a co-worker took some training and got into a fight with knives inside of a car and destroyed it, and David calls out gun-counter jockeys who foist ridiculously incompatible handguns off on first-time buyers. 

We even talk momentarily about color-filling the engraving on your handgun slide just to make sure we alienate everyone possible!


You can learn more about Ian, Runenation and the Greyhive cadre of instructors at these links:


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001 School Shootings. Should Armed Response Be Left To The Police?

Join us as David, Eddie and Gordon speak with Randy Harris of Suarez International and Mark Lancaster of Squared Away Customs and begin to wrestle with the complex, tragic topic of school shootings and whether armed response should be left to the police.

000 Prelude to the Show

In this short special episode of the Shooters Nation Podcast, host David lays out out his vision for what the podcast will become and asks listeners for a few small things in return.  Be sure to join us next time for our first ever full-length episode.

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