What Motivates YOU? With Ian Strimbeck of Rune Nation

In this episode, David and Mark are joined by Ian Strimbeck of Rune Nation to discuss the things that do, and should, motive each of us to be better shooters, teachers, students, Second Amendment advocates, and protectors.  As you listen we hope you think about what fuels YOU in your pursuits, and we hope that you will contact us after the show and share your own stories with us.  We might just bring you on as a guest in the future!


About Ian Strimbeck and Rune Nation

“My name is Ian Strimbeck and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where I conducted training to host nation forces in small-unit tactics as an Infantry Rifleman. During that time I attained experience in combat and security operations and held every position in a fire team from SAW Gunner to Team Leader. I've had the opportunity to have been in multiple high-tension environments during my time in the military and therefore bring back what I've learned to you. 

Runenation is a consulting and education company specializing in the constant growth of the multidisciplinary tactician. Too often in the “gun world,” you see individuals who are drawn to a singular tool in lieu of looking at the bigger picture. It isn't solely about the gun, blade, grappling, striking, medical, fitness, or verbal acuity. It's a constantly evolving skillset that you put a varying amount of effort into throughout your life.”


For more information about Ian or Rune Nuation, you can connect with him at:




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