Jacki Billings – Shooting Editor at GUNS.COM and Firearms Journalist

Episode Summary

We are joined by Jacki Billings – Shooting Editor at GUNS.COM and frequent contributed to RECOIL online and print publications, NRA Shooting Sports USA, ConcealedCarry.com, USCCA Concealed Magazine, and many others.

This conversation spans a wide range of topics including: How Jacki got started in firearms journalism, Upsetting companies with critical reviews, Jacki's favorite part of the industry, Gun safety at home with kids, Concealed carry for women – especially moms, and much more!


(0:01:00) Intro

(0:09:50) Jacki's Start in Journalism

(0:19:00) Game of Thrones?!

(0:22:50) Being a Woman in the FIrearms Media Industry

(0:39:20) Being a Role Model for the Next Generation of Firearms Journalists

(0:51:00) Upsetting Companies with Critical Reviews

(1:01:40) Most Exciting Firearm in 2019?

(1:10:40) Favorite Part of the Firearms Industry?

(1:17:10) Gun Safety in Homes with Kids?

(1:22:50) Concealed Carry for Moms

(1:36:30) What Would You Change About the Firearms Industry?

(1:46:10) Does a Gun Writer Still Shoot Guns for Fun?

(1:49:10) How to Connect With Jacki

(1:52:10) Closing Comments

(2:02:00) Outro

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