Modifying Your Glock Handgun for Carry, Duty, or Competition

Episode Summary

We discuss the spectrum of modifications that you can make to your Glock handgun for carry, duty, or competition. We discuss which ones make sense and which ones don't. We also discuss our recommendations from experience, as well as mods we'd avoid.



(00:04:20) News About the Dallas Courthouse Shooting

(00:08:00) Some Recent Guns and Gear Acquisitions

(00:21:00) Why Didn't We Release an Episode Last Week?

(00:28:30) General Glock History, Our Likes, Dislikes, etc.

(00:45:00) Glock Modifications Conversation Starts Here

(00:47:00) Magazines

(00:53:45) Grip Tape

(00:55:00) Extended Slide Releases and Mag Releases

(01:02:25) Weapon Mounted Lights

(01:07:20) Drop-In Triggers

(01:10:00) Grip Stippling, Grip Re-Contouring

(01:23:00) Aftermarket Frames

(01:29:00) Drop-In Barrels, Threaded Barrels

(01:31:00) Compensators

(01:33:10) Aftermarket Iron Sights

(01:37:00) Aftermarket Extractors

(01:37:45) Milled Slides

(01:39:00) Red Dot Sights

(01:46:20) Cerakoting, Refinishing, Engraving

(01:48:30) Custom Fitted Triggers, Action Jobs

(01:49:50) Aftermarket Recoil Springs, Guide Rods

(01:51:00) Lightened Strikers, Striker Springs

(01:53:00) Caliber-Swap Barrels

(01:54:00) Mods We Absolutely Wouldn't Recommend

(01:59:00) Third-Party Glock Platform Guns: Skip The Mods

(02:05:00) Closing Comments


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