Lifestyle Changes of the Woke AF

Recent events in the news may have started you thinking about carrying a gun, or maybe carrying a gun more, or getting more training, or different kinds of training, or carrying medical gear with you. All of these things are what we mean by Lifestyle Changes of the Woke AF.

Join David and Sandy as they talk about approaching life once the bliss of ignorance is gone and a new awareness begins to take over.  Once you've seen the world for dangerous place it really is, certain changes become logical and necessary. It isn't convenient or pleasant, but it doesn't make you weird or paranoid either.



  • Risk vs. Reward Thinking
  • The Company You Keep
  • The Mental Game
  • The Physical Game
  • Owning a Gun vs. Carrying a Gun


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Thanks for listening! And remember… be hard to kill. Carry your gun!