Making Our Schools Safer

Up front, this is a long episode but it is well worth listening to in its entirety.  Please don't let the length of it prevent you from listening.  David and Mark sit down with US Navy SEAL (ret) “William” to discuss making our schools safer from tragic events such as the recent rash of school shootings.  William is the  Director of Campus Safety and Security for a large church and private school near Nashville, Tennessee.

This episode moves quickly and is packed with very valuable knowledge and ideas gained through experience and is designed to help students, parents, school staff and administration begin the journey of implementing REAL and effective safety and security programs at their schools.


Episode Topics

  • Why are our schools still soft targets?
  • What is motivating these attacks and how do we address that?
  • Where does security start?  Is there a method or a formula?
  • How do you start the conversation of improving or creating a Safety Program with your school administration?
  • Low-Cost or No-Cost ways to improve security and safety.
  • Low-Visibility ways to make schools safer and more secure.
  • The role that awareness plays in the overall equation.
  • What sort of training programs should you implement?
  • Is “See Something, Say Something” failing us?
  • Is our culture of politeness getting us killed?
  • What risks are on the horizon that we should be concerned about?



Mentioned in This Episode

STOPit Solutions
Anonymous Reporting and Incident Management


Rapid Application Tourniquet System

RATS also available on Amazon via this link…


Beslan, Russia School Siege


Safe Schools Act of 2002

Final Report and Findings: Implications for Prevention of School Attacks in the United States

Threat Assessment in Schools:A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates





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