Traveling While Armed.  It's Time for Vacation!

The Summer months are here and for many of us that means traveling for vacation!  David and Mark discuss the ins and outs of traveling while armed, share their personal experiences of flying with guns and dealing with the TSA, and driving across state lines with firearms.

As always we want to remind our listeners that this podcast and the statements made within it do not constitute legal advice.  You should always research, for yourself, the gun laws in the states and towns that you are visiting before going armed.  Likewise, you should always be cognizant of the laws that relate to specific modes of travel (planes, trains, buses, ships, etc.) and to the venues that you will be visiting.

A quick call to local law enforcement in the area where you will be staying can typically yield the answer to basic questions, and a multitude of research options exist on the Internet as well.


Episode Resources


Websites for Checking Gun Laws


Websites for Checking Local Crime Stats

  • City-Data is a great place to start researching a neighborhood. It provides crime rates broken down by type and compared year to year.
  • Family Watchdog  combines data from state sex offender registries to provide information on registered sex offenders. You can narrow down the results by zip code or by exact address.
  • Crime Reports partners with law enforcement agencies to provide public access to information. Areas where incidents have been reported will show on a map detailing the type and frequency of crimes.


Apps for Checking Local Crime Stats

  • Crime and Place has both a free and paid version (depending on the desired features). Use this app as you check out houses — it provides a moving map and compass to see the crime statistics in the surrounding area. It offers both personal and property crime scores and an interactive heat map.
  • CrimeMapping provides law enforcement data in a GPS-enabled map, so it will update as you travel through different neighborhoods.
  • SpotCrime gives real-time crime information for things like robberies, thefts, shootings, arrests and more.



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